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Hardwood Flooring - Bedroom

Warranty & Maintenance



Wood is a natural and living product and variations in color, grain pattern, and texture normally occur in the original materials and are not defects. No warranty will apply to these characteristics. Additionally, no warranty will apply to normal wear including dimples (from high heels, table and chair legs, etc.) and scratches.

Material and labor are warranted by Ceric Hardwood Floors Inc. for one year from the date of closing provided that proper maintenance and protection procedures are followed and maintained.

The following characteristics are considered normal in wood floors and are not warranted by Ceric Hardwood Floors Inc.

  1. Grain and color variances from board to board
  2. Small splinters of wood, dimples (high heel marks, or marks from tables, chairs) etc.
  3. Dulling in the finish in high traffic areas
  4. A white filmy appearance caused by moisture especially at exterior doors
  5. Some small dust particles in the finish
  6. Shrinkage or warpage especially at heat vents or heat producing appliances or above heat ducts in the floor system. During the winter season, small cracks will develop between boards as the relative humidity in the house decreases
  7. Boards wider than 2 ¼” will always shrink and warp more drastically and be visibly noticeable. Wider boards will also cup and curl at the edges

Please protect your wood floors from the bottom of your chairs and tables by using easy-guilds, a self-adhering pad which you apply to the bottoms of the furniture legs. Casters can dent and bruise the hardwood surface. Do not drag or roll anything heavy across your hardwood floor. Always use a thin sheet of plywood, Masonite, or particle board when moving something heavy (refrigerator, pianos, etc.)

Ceric Hardwood Floors Inc. will not accept responsibility for your hardwood floors which have been installed in rooms where damage may occur that may attributed to water.

Maintenance of Hardwood Flooring

The performance of wood flooring depends on some routine maintenance details. These include:

  1. Sweep your floor use a dust mop daily, but do not use a household dust treatment, as this may cause your floor to become slick or dull the finish. If using a vacuum heave the beater bar turned off.
  2. Clean your floor’s lightly with dampened cloth using recommended cleaning product (BONA Floor Cleaner) according to the manufacturer’s directions for use
  3. DO NOT wet-mop a wood floor. Avoid using mops or cloths that leave excessive water on the floor. Never let a spill of water dry on the floor. Standing water can dull the finish, damage the wood and leave a discoloring residue
  4. DO NOT clean your wood floor with Murphy’s Oil Soap, pledge, Old English, Wax, Acrylics or similar products
  5. Use throw rugs at doorways to help prevent debris being tracked in and scratching your floor
  6. Put stick-on felt protectors under legs of furniture to prevent scuffing and scratching. Replace these often as they wear
  7. Avoid walking on your wood floors with sports cleats and high heels in disrepair. That can leave dents and visible damage to the surface of wood flooring.
  8. When moving heavy furniture DO NOT slide it on wood floor
  9. Have your floors re-coated periodically as the finish shows wear
  10. Use a humidifier (RH min 30%) especially throughout the winter months to minimize gaps or cracks

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