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Restore Your Floor with Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Denver, CO

It’s easier than you think to revitalize your wood flooring. If you have damaged or old hardwood floors, sometimes it’s possible to save them. In fact, due to our expertise in the industry, Ceric Hardwood Floors can make them look better than before. Whether you have floors that are damaged, or you want to a different shade o stain, we can accommodate your needs and make your floors look fabulous through hardwood floor refinishing in Denver, CO.

One of the advantages of a hardwood floor is its ability to be sanded down and refinished. Even a hardwood floor that is decades old can be revitalized. This approach is the perfect answer for those with older homes. Perhaps you discovered hardwood under your existing carpet or another floor. What a treasure! Let us show you want hardwood refinishing can do for your home.

Dependable Hardwood Floor Restoration Solutions

Ensure attractive and long-lasting floors by relying on our experienced team for hardwood refinishing. In order for your project to be a success, you need the assistance of a trusted and skilled professional. Restoration of hardwood floors is a service that requires extensive hands-on experience and an eye for detail. Our team of experts specializes in hardwood floor installation and yields superior results with every hardwood floor we restore. That means your floor is in reliable hands with every step of the process. We take pride in being one of the best in the area. We perform both traditional refinishing and sandless hardwood refinishing services.

The Traditional Way to Refinish a Hardwood Floor

Refinishing hardwood floors by traditional methods takes several days to complete. In fact, even after we’re finished, the sealer needs to cure. So, you may not be able to walk on your floors for about a week. But the results are worth it! This process involves drum sanding to remove surface coatings, scratches and stains. Sanding also is used to level uneven areas. When performed correctly, sanding restores the wood’s grain, which is one of the most defining features of a hardwood floor. After we’ve smoothed and vacuumed your floor, we then apply a sealer and/or stain.

The No-Mess Way to Finish a Floor

Sandless refinishing, or dustless refinishing, is a new way to restore a hardwood floor. We perform the procedure by scuffing the floor lightly with a sanding machine and then applying an etching chemical to the surface. Before applying a new topcoat, we repair any minor damage. Sandless hardwood floor restoration takes approximately one day to complete. For more information about sandless refinishing, reach out to us today.

Contact us to revive your old wood floors with help from our hardwood floor refinishers. We proudly serve customers throughout Denver, CO, and the surrounding areas.